Bathroom Renovation

How to Achieve a Low-Cost Bathroom Renovation

Many of us want to redecorate the bathroom but are too afraid to drop a hundred thousand remodelling cost. To tell you the truth, there are ways to achieve that deluxe spa-like bathroom without spending too much money. This is possible if you use creativity and hire the best people for the bathroom renovation.

Add a flair to space and make your bathroom a relaxing spa hub. Here are the ways to achieve a low-cost renovation:

  1. Limit the use of tile

When improving the walls, you don’t need to add tiles for a luxurious look. As you know, tile gets expensive because of the material and labour. Installing this material takes time so expect that the expenses will go big. Find an alternative to tiles that will make the restroom look polished.

Why not add a few fixtures and install a glamorous lighting? Paint the walls with a simple white colour and just add interesting artworks or photographs.

  1. Retain the cabinets

The secret to a low-cost bathroom renovation is simply making things work. Don’t remove the cabinets and then replace it with a new one because that’s expensive. Why not repaint the wood to make it look brand-new? If there’s no specific reason to remove a fixture in the space, then retain it. This is also applicable to the shower, bathtub and the vanity area.

  1. Reuse items

Sometimes we feel that a material is useless because it’s not maintained. However, there are things that can still be used in the house. Repurpose items like mirrors, picture frames and pots. You can turn it into a nice fixture to decorate the space.

  1. Hire the experts

If you think hiring someone to redecorate the bathroom is costly, think again because experts can help cut the expenses when it comes to bathroom renovation. Contact Craftsman Bathrooms today for a hassle-free restroom upgrade.