Top-Notch Bathroom Renovation Service

Everyone loves to have a spacious and functional bathroom. If you feel that the existing layout, design and materials don’t satisfy your needs anymore, why not get a bathroom renovation? We provide the top-notch remodelling services that can transform the boring space into a state-of-the-art area.

Our in-house interior designers and contractors can guide you every step of the way. To bring the design to life, we assess your needs and find out the ideal layout for the family.

Competitive Pricing

Before the construction starts, we discuss how much is your budget for the bathroom renovation project. If you have a limited fund, we can help meet the requirements whilst staying on the budget. Given our expertise in construction works, we help find cheaper options to extend the value of your money.

Excellent Floor Replacement Service

What most homeowners don’t understand is that flooring affects the overall look of their house. For a sophisticated design, you can choose marble or tiles. These are easy to install and requires minimal maintenance.

For the floor replacement service, we consider the space and see what works best for it. Using hardwood isn’t practical for this area because moisture can damage the quality of the wood. Marble can resist mould formation and dirt, so this is one of the famous options.

Quality Toilets and Showers

Changing the tapware, toilets and showers is part of the bathroom renovation process. If you have a specific requirement, our in-house designers can help find the items for you. We also supply quality materials which are affordable and long-lasting.

If you are in doubt whether to replace the existing components, we help assess if it is still in good condition or not. Either way, the client still has the final say.

Comprehensive Water System Inspection

The plumbing system is the ultimate priority because the water lines must be working to use the facility. We have a contact with experienced plumbers to see the condition of the pipes, drainage and sewer.

Give us a call today to get started with the change.