A Beginner’s Guide to School Cleaning

Summer break is the best time for students and teachers to relax and enjoy life out of school. Yet, it is high time for keepers and janitorial services to keep themselves busy whilst the halls are empty and almost everyone is out.

Keeping the school in tip-top condition, attending to preventive maintenance and other necessities should be best performed during the summer break. School cleaning should be an easy task to do, only if everything is managed right in the first place. Here’s a guide for those who have no idea how to get started:

  1. Put it in writing

Having a conversation is not enough. You have to sit down with your team and the janitorial services and come up with a plan. This can help you maximise the downtime and prepare the facility for the next academic year.

Writing a plan will keep everyone involved on the same page and will help you prioritise workload and communicate your requirements to the cleaning company you hire. This can help you remember things that you did not give too much attention to during the time the school is busy. Once you accomplish the written plan, it would be easier for you to distribute work and set timelines.

  1. Floor cleaning should be the top priority

Floors might have experienced heavy traffic during the previous academic year, so summer is the best time to perform stripping, refinishing, cleaning and detailing. Without people coming in and out, floor cleaning can be done effectively and efficiently.

Floor cleaning should be performed every day, may it be during summer or school time, to maximise the lifespan of your flooring and keep it looking good. Ask help from the school cleaning company on the best methods to use to effectively clean your floors. See http://clarkeclean.com.au/

  1. Service, replace and repair equipment

Let your school cleaning company or janitorial services check their equipment. If their equipment is in bad shape, outdated, dirty or requires repairs, summer is the best time for them to address all of these issues. It is a must that when the classes start all their equipment are working in their finest and pristine condition. After all, a company is only as good as their equipment.