Best Uses of Multiwall Polycarbonate

Multiwall polycarbonate is a durable sheeting material for a variety of applications. Although the material is thin and translucent, it can withstand high impacts. It also has excellent UV resistance properties and can regulate the heat in a room without limiting light transmission.


Roofing is one of the most popular uses of polycarbonate sheeting. The lightweight material makes construction easy for both residential and commercial purposes. They’re perfect for rooms that need natural light, such as patios and walkways. Their see-through quality lets light in, whilst the UV and thermal resistance properties regulate heat in the area.

Another advantage of using this material in roofing is its excellent flexibility. You can easily bend them into a variety of shapes without losing the strength and durability. They give you a chance to explore creative roof shapes and angles.

Interior Design

A well-placed sheet can do wonders for any room. They can be used as partitions to section off certain areas in a room. For businesses, this sheeting can be used in offices instead of glass. They’re less breakable and provide a unique aesthetic. Others will even use this material in place of regular cubicles.

This material comes in a variety of finishes and colours. To add to this, their flexibility makes it easy to use in different applications. Because they’re so versatile, they’re ideal for playing around with the interior design. They can be used as a unique shading option for large buildings. They can also be used as skylights in large, open areas.


The cladding is the outside covering of any building. It provides another layer to the structure, to provide some thermal insulation. It also lends some weather-resistant properties to the building. Polycarbonate is perfect for this application. This material is naturally UV resistant. It also has natural thermal protection qualities. Furthermore, they are aesthetically pleasing. Builders will have a good balance between functionality and design.

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