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When to Call for an Emergency Plumber

Water is a precious resource that we have to take care of. To do our part in helping take care of the environment, we should prevent leaks and spills around the house. This would also help us avoid incurring extra costs. To know when you should call an emergency plumber, here are some signs to look out for:

Burst Pipe and Flooding

Coming home to a flooded bathroom or basement is a nightmare! While you may want to blame your kids or even your partner for leaving the water on, make sure to check for plumbing issues first. There may be a burst pipe somewhere within your house. This can affect your beloved and hard-earned furniture in the house. This may even cause damages to your sockets and electrical lines, as well as floors and walls, making for a difficult and often dangerous situation for you and your family. Call an emergency plumber to your aid should you experience this to have your burst pipe repaired.


A clogged drain can usually happen within a household. While this may be the norm, be sure to look out for blockages anywhere else. Overflowing toilets and even sewages are sure signs that your drain is blocked and waste is not being brought out for your home. Having a backed up drain is a sign that there is an underlying problem that needs to be solved. If this is the case, your health may be compromised and your household can sport a very messy look. Call an emergency plumber to look at this issue to avoid having clogged drains.

Water Leaks

Leaking faucets and showers are bad news. They are often accompanied by dripping sounds that make it hard to ignore. To prevent mould or rust from setting it, check around the edges to see where the leak is coming from. Turn your faucet or shower off and call an expert to your aid. A water leak is a sign that there is a burst pipe.

If you are experiencing these problems, call Zambezi Plumbing & Gas to get an emergency plumber on the way.