How Often Should You Get Air Conditioning Service?

Air conditioning service should be done at least annually. You do not need to wait for unexpected issues to occur before calling professionals to check on your unit or system. The best time to contact them is before summer. Your system should be checked thoroughly before you need it the most. Below are some things that you should expect from an air conditioning service:

• Inspection of the leve l of refrigerant, and if needed, check on any possible leaks by means of a leak detector
• If there is refrigerant that needs disposal, it will be cleared out of the system
• Inspection of the airflow of the air conditioning unit
• Checking for the right electric control series to ensure consistently smooth operation
• Inspection of electrical terminals and connections
• Checking for the accuracy of the thermostat
• Repair of any issues and problems on the system

On the other hand, cleaning or changing air filters can be something you can do yourself. Just make sure that you go back on manufacturer’s guidebook and review how to do the task properly. Different models and manufacturers have different ways to change filters. Do not assume they all work the same. You do not need to change filters as often, but it should be checked at least once a month. The filter will become dirty due to different factors, environment, usage and if you have pets in the household.

An air conditioning service is something that you should not take for granted at all. When you hire a reliable company to do the job for you, expect that you will get benefits like:

• Warranty of service so that when anything went wrong after the service, they will attend to it free of charge
• Early detection of possible issues
• More accurate assessment of the air conditioning system
• Longevity of your system or unit

Air conditioning service is not only limited to just repairing your unit but maintaining it to ensure that it is always working at its most pristine and finest condition. Visit to get a reliable service!