4 No-Fail Tips for Maintaining Folding Arm Awnings

Anything highly exposed to different elements should be maintained on a usual basis to keep it working properly. If you have folding arm awnings on your patio area or on top of your windows, it is necessary that you keep them always clean. Testing them regularly is a must so you would find possible issues before they completely malfunction. Below are few of the most basic maintenance tips for your folding arm awnings:

  • Check it regularly

During winter and fall, you may not be using your folding arm awnings as much during summer. It is imperative that you check on the folding arms time to time. Check for rust or loose screws and fix it immediately if there are any. Tighten loose screws and remove rust using chemical rust remover or if possible, scrape them off. This will guarantee you that in case you need to use it, it would work perfectly.

  • Wash the awnings

During the time you are using it frequently, washing it is necessary. Washing will remove debris and dirt that were blown onto them. Spraying them lightly using a hose is good enough when removing leaves, dirt and other debris.

In case more cleaning is required, use a damp sponge with dishwashing soap to clean it well then rinsing it with a hose to get rid of all the remaining dirt. Keep the fabric all dried up before putting it back on the frame or bracket.

  • Protect the hardware

When washing your folding arm awnings, make sure that you wipe the entire hardware to keep it from corroding, although most of the materials used for this do not corrode. Remove all debris, including sticks or leaves, which may get into the cassette and would be the reason for it not functioning properly. If you see rust spots, clean it right away. If you want to learn more about awnings, Click here!

  • Protect it from the harsh weather

If you observe that weather is turning for the worse or it starting to get windy, roll it up immediately so it won’t get damaged. The same goes when it rains—this way, you need not move the fabric and dry them.