Must-See Places in Olongapo

Being one of the most popular urban centres in the country, Olongapo has many exciting places that are waiting to be discovered. Being a city with a rich history and cultural heritage, you can never be bored if you decide to visit the city and get immersed in its dynamism.

Olongapo is a tourism and economic hotspot in Central Luzon. With Subic as its downtown, it is poised to play a more active role both in the region’s tourism and commerce. This stature makes the city a great place to tour into. It showcases numerous interesting tourist spots that will not disappoint the travel cravings of eager tourists. Here are some of the city’s famous landmarks outside Subic Bay:

Olongapo City Museum

This museum has various dioramas, artefacts and artworks that shows its rich cultural heritage. Upon entering its gates, you can be greeted by a rotating Ulo ng Apo (head of the elder), where the name of the metropolis is derived.

Marikit Park

As one of the earliest public parks in the city, it showcases some historical highlights of the city.

Olongapo Lighthouse

Located in near the Lighthouse Marina Resort in Subic, it is one of the picturesque views that is ideal for photoshoots. This landmark overlooks the Subic Bay Freeport Area.

Subic Bay

This former US naval base is teeming with various tourism sites for different types of people. For nature lovers and adventurers, you can drop by Zoobic Safari, Ocean Adventure, Tree Top Adventure Park, JEST (Jungle Environment Survival Training) Camp and many other sites that promote wildlife conservation and protection.

You can also visit one of the various beaches in the Freeport, including the recently opened Inflatable Island, tagged as the biggest floating playground in Asia.

Here are just a few of the many places to discover here. You may need to seek hotel accommodation and lodging in Olongapo City to completely enjoy your travel to this exciting paradise.