How Plumbers Repair the Damages After a Storm

Heavy rains and winds can affect the condition of the water system. Sometimes, there’s a hidden problem in the sewer that only the plumbers can detect and solve. After the big storms, make sure to schedule an appointment with the expert to check the condition of pipes, lines and sewers. Here’s a guide how the expert repairs the damages:

  • Clear the residue

Flooding usually happens in the basement since it is below the land. What the experts usually do is inspect and clean this area to avoid infestation and mould formation. As you know, termites and other species can breed here and attack the property. It will not take long until they already multiplied and start pestering the wood furniture or structure.

The residue is removed by plumbers because they want to have a clear look at the area. They might dig in the backyard to see the status of the sewer. The root of the trees can damage this box that’s why a regular check-up is required. After the storm, water could’ve gotten inside this equipment which affects its performance. The faucet and shower heads are disassembled to wash away the dirt. Mould can also grow here if there’s a dirt on it.

  • Perform inspection

When a dirty water is coming back up, there must be a problem down there. The waste lines could’ve been damaged by the heavy rains that’s why water recedes. A camera is used to inspect the pipes before the plumbers dig the soil. If you think about it, this is a practical move to confirm the problem.

  • Replace damaged components

Once the issue is confirmed, the experts will now replace the damaged material with a new one. This can make the things go back to normal and homeowners can’t experience a problem anymore.

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