Questions to Ask Caravan Storage Owners

When you’re on a vacation, you’d most likely rent a caravan because of its ability to accommodate all your belongings. But parking such a large vehicle is a hassle. Plus, you must keep an eye on it regularly in case someone attempts a break in.

Luckily, you can now call for caravan storage experts to pick-up, store and deliver your vehicle anywhere and anytime you want.

Here are important questions to ask owners of storage spaces for caravans:

  • Do you carry an insurance?

No matter how secure the storage site is, accidents and other unlikely situations can still occur. Protect your belongings by making sure that you will be provided with an insurance.

Receiving an insurance guarantees the company’s accountability to the things you’ve lost. It also protects you from becoming liable for any repair or compensation fees.

  • Who gets to enter the site?

Part of checking the security level of a storage site is asking who can enter the place. Do they ask for IDs? Do they conduct a security check before letting someone enter the site?

  • Is the place well-lighted?

It’s easier to guard a place that’s well-lighted. If you haven’t been to the actual site yet, you can try looking or checking some out from their website.

  • What other security measures do you take?

Aside from CCTV cameras and stationed guards, ask what other security measures they take to guarantee the protection of the stored vehicles.

  • Is a fire system installed?

A fire is one casualty everyone tries to avoid. And if the company aims to provide the best kind of protection for their customer’s caravan or motorhome, then a well-functioning fire system should be present.

  • Has there been a case of theft here before?

Even though this isn’t something employees would be happy to talk about, it’s important that you ask if there have been such cases. Those who are honest enough to tell you the truth must all tell how they resolved the matter and how they upgraded their security level.

You can now enjoy your vacation without having to worry about the condition of your rented vehicle and the protection of your belongings. Click on and rent a caravan storage space today!