How Residential Painters Give Your Home A New Look

As the saying goes, ‘there’s no place like home’. Indeed, it is. And to make it more comfortable, you need to make changes from time to time along with your changing preferences. So, if you ever decide to get it painted or wallpapered to suit your altering tastes, why not try hiring residential painters? Here’s how:

Ask for a consultation

Well, before you apply a fresh coating on your walls, you must do colour consulting, if you’re not sure about which shade to paint your rooms with. These are professionals, so any question you may have will be answered. You can ask them which shade of Pantone blue matches the sink, or which type of yellow matches the furniture.

After deciding on the colours, try going for wallpaper

If you’re getting bored of basic painting jobs and want to dress up your walls in a new way, putting up wallpaper works just as good. Wallpapers, like paint, are a way of personalising your space. It’s a way of expressing the mood you want yourself and visitors to feel when entering the room.

You can pick from a whole lot of patterns and prints that you prefer. Floral, brick, paisley, and striped prints are among the classic patterns. Just ask which of them is ideal for your room during the consultation.

Check if parts of the house need repairing

Your interiors look great, but what about the exterior parts of the house such as the front gate, fence or the roofs? Does it need restoring? Peeling paint, vandalised walls, sprayed-on graffiti, as well as minor and major cracks are some of the problems your home may have. Tell these concerns to the service provider.

Take care of the renovations when finished

When all refurbishing is done, maintenance is a must to make the paints and the wallpapers from drying out or cracking.

Contractors of residential painters like DRJ Painting offers free consultation on proper colour combinations for the walls, floors, and exterior parts of your house. Other than residential painting and decorating, they also offer commercial and industrial services. Just click on their website and fill out the information box. They respond to enquiries right away.