Must-Have Qualities of Storage for Caravans

Renting out special storage for caravans is important. It keeps your driveway and garage clutter-free on days when you’re not travelling. Having your recreational vehicle in a secure location ensures that it stays free from damage during your off-days. If you’re thinking of renting out a unit, here are a few tips that should help.



It must have security.

The main purpose of renting out these units is security. You want to find a location that doesn’t skimp on the surveillance. They must have 24 hours of CCTV monitoring, as well as a guard. Make sure the cameras in the facility are placed in strategic locations. Main entrances are an obvious place to put them, but they must be in other high-risk areas as well. If someone can climb through it, it should be monitored.

Having a camera in the location deters robbers from entering the premises. To add to this, you’ll have some evidence just in case there’s a break-in. It’ll be easier to catch the perpetrators if you have some footage to review.

Furthermore, the facility should have specialised security personnel manning the entrances. The role must be separate from regular staff and employees. This ensures that there’s someone dedicated to protecting your property whilst you’re away.

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The facility must be well-maintained.

A well-maintained unit is a good sign of proper management. This means there’s someone supervising the upkeep and everyday operations at the establishment. It also means the area won’t collapse at the first sign of a storm. Some things to look out for are:

  • The place should be clean and tidy – no trash or clutter anywhere.
  • The recreational vehicles are parked in an organised manner.
  • The walls, floor and ceilings are freshly painted and free from damage.
  • There should be no insects, pests or rodents anywhere.

Apart from these considerations, make sure you find a location that has good customer service. This is a sign that they are happy to give you the best rental experience you can have.