Reasons to Switch to Oil-Free Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

An oil-free rotary vane vacuum pump is made like all other pumps except that it has more benefits than the rest. Its main feature is it has a vane pump which has a long life due to its metal components that never touch each other. Because of its low maintenance, it has become a popular choice for most consumers.

Benefits That You Will Enjoy:

Since it is completely oil-free, there is no oil leak
It’s environmentally friendly
It has a longer life
It requires minimum maintenance
It is designed for easier control
It operates nicely and doesn’t disturb a quiet environment
Its uniquely-designed diaphragm module maintains the smooth flow of the fluid inside the pumps
It is easy to clean
It is versatile and can be used with gas and fluids
It is cost-efficient
It has a lower fore-line pressure, which helps the vacuum achieve a higher order of magnitude compared to other oil-sealed mechanical pumps
It avoids the risk of an oil molecule contamination
It is compact and requires few accessories and components

What to Buy

When choosing the most suitable oil-free rotary vane pumps, you must do a background check on the manufacturer. See if the staff is fully knowledgeable about the services and products and if they understand the functions of their applications.

Have they answered your questions? Do they understand the nature of your business and the kind of environment you’ll be using the pumps in? Are they making appropriate suggestions? Also, remember that their years in the business and the people that they’ve worked with tells a lot about the company they have.

It helps to approach an expert pump manufacturer who can guide you in choosing the right pump for your business. See one today before making any purchase. Don’t waste your hard-earned money! For more information, check out now!