Brick Pavers Over Concrete

Why Choose Brick Pavers Over Concrete

The garden isn’t complete without the patio or pathway. You need these facilities to prevent turf damage from foot traffic. Now, most homeowners are stuck in the decision whether to use concrete or brick pavers. Whilst concrete is heavy-duty, bricks have more qualities that can make the garden look appealing. Here are the reasons to choose brick pavers:

  • Retain colour

Bricks are naturally coloured because of the mixture of various types of clays. Even when exposed to UV rays, the shade doesn’t fade, unlike concrete. This is important because fading can make the pathway look old and weary. Homeowners don’t need to constantly change this material just because it looks old. To solve the problem, purchase quality brick pavers.

  • Long-lasting

Although cracks and chip can happen to the bricks when exposed to extreme cold and foot traffic, it is still much durable compared to concrete. In a few years, the concrete doesn’t only fade but also erode. Not to mention that dirt and stains are harder to remove from this material.

As you know, bricks can resist stains because of its texture. It also doesn’t require drastic cleaning because power pressure can already remove the dirt.

  • Environmental-friendly

Bricks are made of natural materials, so it looks perfect in the garden. Often, this material is only cleaned and reused to make the backyard look brand-new. The concrete, on the other hand, requires to be destroyed and removed to prepare the pavement. It is costly and can cause harm to the environment.

When a single piece of brick is damaged, you can easily purchase a new one and attach it to the pavement. It doesn’t require a major construction work, unlike the concrete.

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